Home lighting is at your fingertips, control your entire home or choose which areas are controlled by smart home c

A structured wiring enclosure is the cornerstone of any home automation project. The enclosure allows all the communication connections to have a common area for organized installations. Structured wiring enclosures house wiring terminals for phones, Ethernet, video cameras, intercoms, and home automation components.

Structured enclosures are available in an assortment of sizes to fit any home. Organized wiring connections are accomplished for all of your home automation no matter how large or small. All your wiring infrastructure is readily available for any changes and upgrades.

Whole house video cameras are widely used in home automation projects, install a camera at your front and rear door. Monitor pool areas, infant bedrooms, hallways, garages and more. Install an IP video server to connect your in home cameras to your Ethernet network and the internet. View your cameras from any pc on your network or anywhere in the world.

In home intercom systems utilize the structured wiring enclosure for a common location of a cat5 based intercom system. Contemporary and attractive designs available.

Intercom systems provide communications throughout the home from inside rooms to outside areas like patio and pool areas. Paging features allow communication to all intercom units at the same time or call individual room units and have a private conversation.

Visit our partner site at Onq/Legrand to view some of our structured wiring systems available for your home. Whole house audio, video cameras, phone lines, Ethernet, Intercoms and more. Onq/Legrand is an industry leader in structured wiring products.


Visit Our Partner Site at On-Q/Legrand

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