Home lighting is at your fingertips, control your entire home or choose which areas are controlled by smart home co

Home lighting is at your fingertips, control your entire home or choose which areas are controlled by smart home controller. Set lighting to time schedules and or events. Have scenes set for one button commands, one button party lighting - outside lighting on low, kitchen lighting on high, upstairs lighting off, etc... One button Go to bed - Security set to night mode, all lighting set to off, kitchen sink light set to low. Outside lighting set to low until 12:00 am then outside lighting will be turned off.

An HAI Omni controller used with HLC lighting switches can set your light levels from 0% to 100% at 1% increments. Save on energy and bulb life by lowering your light levels a few percentage points.

An HAI smart home system installed by Home In Control, Inc. can take advantage of the latest trends in smart home automation by providing your home with an unlimited array of lighting scenes with varying levels of lighting throughout the home.

Lighting can be easily and instantly set to time on or off with just a few steps on a touch screen, for instance while you make a late night snack have the kitchen lighting on for 15 minutes. When you finish and head to bed the lighting will be turned off automatically.

Coming home at night, the Omni controller can monitor your garage door and when it is opened the garage outdoor lighting is turned on to illuminate your path into the garage. Once safe inside and your garage door is closed the lighting can be turned off or even dimmed for the evening.

HAI lighting controls interface with HAI Omni controllers to provide dynamic lighting effects. Utilize whole house controllers and room controllers to fully automate the lighting throughout the home, or  manually operate all smart lighting switches which retain traditional look and feel. (HAI house controller pictured at right)

Have your system custom designed for your individual home and see how affordable a smart home can be. Our systems continually save you time and money while providing the utmost convenience in your busy lifestyle. Check out some of our automaton pre-designed packages that may fit your home perfectly.






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