Smart Home Frequently Asked Questions

What is an overall explanation of a system?

A Smart Home system consists of an automation controller that is capable of communicating with various components and systems throughout the home. Low voltage control devices such as motion sensors, heat and smoke sensors, temperature and humidity  sensors, door sensors, and thermostats are monitored. Allowing various tasks to be performed inside and outside the home such as lighting control, entertainment, automation, as well as providing security. Touch screens, keypads, and telephones are the interfaces used to control and receive feedback from the system.

Who benefits from this technology?

Simplify your lifestyle while saving money along the way! Protect and monitor your home 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Never enter a dark home again. Have your home call you when trouble is present, then log in and interact with your home to check status from anywhere in the world.

Is Smart Home Technology difficult to understand?

Similar technology is already present in the cars you drive, the televisions you watch, even the type of phones you use. A smart home can simplify your lifestyle while providing comfort and convenience. A smart home system can save you time and money while future proofing your home.

How much does a Smart Home cost?

The approximate cost of a smart home system can start at LESS THAN $1.00  per square foot of living space. A basic system can be installed with the options to add devices and features as your needs grow.

Why Cameras?

Cameras can be used to monitor everything inside or outside the home. Watch the kids at the pool while you prepare lunch in the kitchen. Keep an eye on an infants room. A camera at the entry doors of the home can allow you to very quickly check to see who is approaching the home.

Is Whole House Audio a Smart Home Technology?

Yes, most smart home controllers can effortlessly interface with whole house audio systems. Music can be enjoyed throughout the home with individual settings in each respective zone. A smart controller can control audio and allow you to wake and sleep to soft music. Motion sensed inside or outside can be an event to trigger your audio system on or off. While you are away have the audio system play in various zones to make your home appear occupied.


What is the installation process?

After discussing your present and future needs, we can supply you with a smart home design which can be used as a platform for your new home or existing home automation project. The home owner is involved with most of the components and their placements, such as keypads, touch screens, macro buttons, video cameras, etc...

What happens after installation and startup?

Most homeowners discover that a smart home system can provide an unlimited amount of uses and conveniences, many of which are discovered during normal use. After several weeks of daily use, Home In Control, Inc. will contact the owner and schedule an appointment to insure that your system is working precisely as you expected. Homeowners commonly have additional wishes after using the system, that can be easily programmed into your smart home.



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